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Tianjin Helon International Trading Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin ZhaoLiDa Steel Pipe Group is a leading enterprise of pipe manufacturing industry in Daqiuzhuang. The headquarter locates in Daqiuzhuang Industry District, Tianjin. The group is composed of six branch companies, namely Tianjin ZhaoLiDa Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd, Tianjin XinHao Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd,


ҵ: Ǹ ۸ 16MnDG¹ 10#ְ Super304Hֹ Ǹ 10#ְ TP321Hֹ 40Crְ F22Բ ְ 45#ְ Q235bָ SA210CϽ 40Crְ SA210Cѹ¯ dc06ְ A335P92Ͻ ۸ 304ֹ Ͻܳ A333GR.6޷ֹ 08Fְ st16ְ 08ALְ 304ֹ Q235bָ dc03ְ dc04ְ ָ ۸ Q345e۸ dc04ְ Ǹ ޷ֹܳ Q345cָ Q235cǸ ְ 40Crְ TP347HFGֹ st15ְ A335PϽܳ 304ֹ SA210Cƹ Բֳ A335P91Ͻ TP347Hֹ F91Բ P91Ͻ A335P22Ͻ 20Crְ F92Բ Ǹ st14ְ 12Cr1MoVԲ A333GR6޷ֹ TP321Hֹ Ƹֹ TP310HCbNֹ ۸ 15CrMoԲ Q345bָ 20#ְ P92Ͻ st16ְ A333-6¹ ְ ۸